Contacts for our local churches:

Churchwarden: (Bishampton and web details etc) Andy Batchelor 01386 462190
Churchwarden: (Throckmorton and Money) Peter Chatterton 01386 462349
Revd Sarah Dangerfield 01386 861669
Licensed Lay Minister: Delia Harding 01386 462308
We take safeguarding very seriously. If you have any concerns, please contact our Safeguarding Officer: Gill Jubb 01386 462156
To quarantine churches between each use, and so help protect visitors and also volunteers who clean our churches for you, each church will be closed most of the time. We will have a church open between 10am and 4pm each day of the week, though, in case you would like to visit for private prayer.
Sundays – Fladbury Church WR10 2QB
Mondays – Cropthorne Church WR10 3LU
Tuesdays – Charlton Church WR10 3LG
Wednesdays – Wyre Piddle Church WR10 2JD
Thursdays – Lower Moor Church WR10 2PJ
Fridays – Throckmorton Church WR10 2JX

Saturdays – Bishampton Church WR10 2FA

Further Information

The Parish of St. James Bishampton and The Chapelry, Throckmorton are now associated with the Five Alive Parish, which includes Fladbury, Cropthorne, Charlton. Lower Moor and Wyre Piddle.

We have various webpages but the main one for Bishampton and Throckmorton is

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