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Dear Neighbour

With the Parish Council approval at the AGM (1/4/2019) we are setting up a simplified Neighbourhood Watch for Bishampton using the Police nationally approved ‘our watch’ system.
It allows us to send one message out to everyone registered on our scheme via email. Ideally, we would like every household to sign up. The more the merrier!

Information will be used by your local Neighbourhood Watch Coordinator and deputies to administer the scheme and to send you local alerts, awareness of frauds, crime prevention messages and information relevant to the work of Neighbourhood Watch and this scheme.

Please note that all the information you give, will be kept completely private and confidential on the approved secure NW ‘our watch’ system.

Don’t have a computer or access to email??
If you do not have a computer do not worry your local deputy NW coordinator will use your phone number /s for registration to the official scheme – you will not receive email alerts however, we will aim to see to it that you receive important updates via text or through your door (when deemed necessary) by your neighbouring deputy.

Once you have been officially registered you will be issued with the latest NW sticker. This is a good deterrent. You can also confirm to your home insurance company that you are a member of an approved Neighbourhood Watch scheme.

Step – by – step guide to join

  1. Enter the site:
  2. Click ‘join us’
  3. Under ‘sign up here’ select: West Mercia then follow instructions.
  4. Once joined select ‘find local scheme’
  5. Select: Bishampton and Throckmorton NW and follow instructions.


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