Bishampton Strollers

Contact Name Gordon Kingston
Phone01386 462253

Description and Information

Healthy in Body and Mind!

We are often told in the media that keeping healthy is not only a matter of physical activity but also having plenty of social interaction and a good varied diet. “Bishampton Strollers” try to accomplish the first two and then discuss the third by visiting the Dolphin after our local Strolls!

We are a local group that wanders nearby footpaths on a regular monthly basis, usually meeting on the second Sunday of each month. If you fancy a gentle walk to work up a thirst or appetite before your Sunday lunch, (with the diversion to the Dolphin on the way home), then why not come along and join our friendly group.

Whilst many of us may walk for leisure and exercise on holiday with family and friends in national parks or beside the sea, some are bothered about finding their way across unfamiliar footpaths nearer home. We therefore try to walk at least 3 or 4 Bishampton and Throckmorton routes each year and also a number that start from neighbouring villages – often with the intention of discovering more about the history or stories that make the area interesting.

While we usually walk only about 3 – 4 miles, the chatter and talking mean that it often takes us a couple of hours – to put the world to rights – or catch up with the local news! Information about Strolls is shown on a Notice Board Poster next to the shop, where you will find the list of the year’s Strolls and also Tuesday Walks (which are rather longer) with Chris Churchill.

If you would like more information, or if you are uncertain about coming along, just give me a call.

Gordon Kingston: 01386 462253.

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